Natural 'Poetic' Wright: Notice Served

London based spoken word artist Natural ‘Poetic’ Wright is unapologetic as they come. The opening line of what is probably her most talked about poem, Impolite Notice, will make any poor unexpecting soul in the audience spit out their drink in shock and it does not relent. JS was present at Moetry spoken word event at Jungle Jazz Cafe in Manchester to witness Natural ‘Poetic’ Wright’s performance.
Apr 2018

She delves into the dichotomy of male and female perception of love and sex in no uncertain terms. The initial shock, fidgeting, and uncomfortable laughs soon subside and the polarity in the audience becomes apparent. The cheers and nod of heads often followed by the affirmation 'oh yeah!' is indicative that every female member of audience is on the same page, and by contrast every man in the audience is reaching for their ‘how to manage a crisis’ manual to help keep their composure. Indeed the poem is having the desired effect, after all it is an impolite notice to men.

Conversations about the disparity in opinions and expectation of men and women with regards to relationships have probably been going on since the beginning of time, at least since the existence of men and women.  The book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and all its spin offs brought this conversation into the social consciousness decades ago and there have been countless others. However there is something about Natural’s delivery of Impolite Notice that invigorates the conversation. The poem may sit comfortably under the banner 'erotic poetry' and as you would expect it contains adult content but beyond the sensationalism lies searching questions you would seldom utter a response to, at least not when in company. 

The poem Impolite Notice stems from Natural ‘Poetic’ Wright’s personal experience of venturing into the singles world after a long term relationship. About performing the poem she says, “The first time I performed It, I was petrified. Men like the beginning but by the end they feel somewhat deflated.”

The poem talks particularly about men’s egos and delusions of sexual competence. To that she said  “Well, you’ve got to be responsible for your own actions. Coming out in to the single world after being in a relationship, the attitudes and vibes of guys are  like, people don't want to spend time anymore - They want microwaveable relationships . I am an open minded lady and I like to have fun, but it is about respect and connection."

Natural 'Poetic' Wright

Indeed notice was served by Natural ‘Poetic’ Wright and it was duly noted but whether it was heeded  remains between every man and his conscience.

For an artist who only took to the stage for the first time in October 2017, when she performed at the spoken word event in London hosted by the Floacist,  Natural ‘Poetic’ Wright is having a tremendous impact in UK’s spoken word scene. She admits she has been writing for a long time but never performed.

Other poems include Connections and Power of Woman-Magic Powers”. Here is an excerpt from the poem “Black Queen Battles” which she recently performed for BBC Radio 4. It talks about the struggles of black women in relationships.

The most powerful piece on the chess board is the black queen
The crown of ethenin and adorned with melanin
You fought many battles, you conquered many things
But you most ferocious battle is finding and keeping an king
There’s an abundance of pawns, stallions, rocks an assortment of knights
To find the royal match, Then black queen must fight.