International Women’s Day

08 Mar


Broughton Park Rugby Club, 09:30
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The Caribbean and African Health Network (CAHN) will be hosting International Women’s Day on Thursday 8th March 2018. This event is the perfect networking opportunity designed to bring our community together to celebrate and address current issues, challenges and solutions to some of the concerns facing women in our community.

International Women’s Day has been celebrated for the last 100 years globally to acknowledge the struggle for gender equality. It is a day where we recognise the improving but ongoing challenges to gain equitable access to the same entitlements as men in employment, politics, education and other fields.

During this International Women’s day, we celebrate the aspirations and the successes amongst an increasing number of our black women. At the same-time, CAHN is cognizant of the added intersectional identities and the double disadvantage that face black women in the struggle for equitable access to networks that enable financial, educational and social capital.
We recognize the ongoing fight to break the glass ceiling to gain equal access into senior roles for black women as despite our efforts, the majority of black women’s roles tend to end up in support roles rather than strategic positions that lead to impactful decision- making.

The day will devote some time to identify the multiple effects that being black can have on our mental wellbeing. In recognition of that, we provide a forum for a very important discussion about mental health and wellbeing of black women.
During the event you will hear some inspirational testimonies from existing and emerging leaders. Our Keynote will include a presentation from Baroness Beverley Hughes - Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Patricia Lamour MBE, Managing Director of

Aspire Education Group and Elaine Clarke – Williams - Chair Black Asian Police Association, Greater Manchester. We bring to you our men who support our women and will inspire through film. Alongside this incredible day will be specially selected songs and dance to celebrate the rich assets in our community.

We want you to leave the day with messages that will inspire and empower you to #”Pressfor Progress” in 2018. With a mix of presentations and interactive discussions this 1-day event is a chance to reach for new heights and further your potential.
CAHN Greater Manchester seeks to build a platform where we can unite and provide ongoing support to uplift each other beyond this International Women’s Day.

Once marginalised, doubly disadvantaged

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