Bee Leiba: Beauty Inspo

Make up is an artform. Meet the artist.
Jan 2018

I trained as an artist, essentially art is my background and it is the essence of all that I do. I am a creative soul who sees beauty in all things. I never intended to go into makeup artistry, it was just a natural transition from creating art on a canvas to creating art on a face. 

When I create a makeup look, I imagine myself working on a canvas, building layers and colours until the final masterpiece is revealed. 

Makeup artistry is another form of art and a true makeup artist can create looks to suit all ages, races, skin types and tones.

Beauty is all around you!


A little advice!


Imagine your significant other is looking deep into your eyes, his eyes are dreamily scanning your beautiful face, his hand reaches up to cup your chin and his brow furrows. You're waiting for those heartfelt words to pour from his soul and you brace yourself. He opens his mouth to speak and your heart skips a beat, then those words float gently from his lips "your pores need doing!" 


With every fibre of your being you hold your hands behind your back to stop yourself from punching his lights out!

Yes ladies, if it is pointed out that your pores 'need doing' here's a little advice.



Scrub, scrub, scrub

Finely gritted, non comedenic face scrubs are perfect. Try Volcanic Ash exfoliation by MAC cosmetics. This dark, earthy, ashy face scrub will really cleanse and purify your skin before your favourite face cream is applied.


Some of my favourite face creams for black skin!

  • Aveeno Daily Moisturiser (pictured)
  • Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion
  • MAC cosmetics Comfort Cream
  • Neutrogena oil free lotion
  • Palmers Coconut Oil

Some useful tips

  • 1


    Always moisturise your skin before applying foundation and tissue off the excess so the skin is hydrated but not tacky.
  • 2


    Choose a colour to flatter your beautiful skin tone and bring out those warm, rich undertones in your skin. Golden, Peach, Mahogany and Chestnut tones are beautiful rich colours that bring out the vibrancy in black skin.
  • 3


    Choose rich, strong almost too pigmented colours for black skin. Wishy washy pastel colours do nothing for your skin. People will ask you "are you feel ok?” Go for beautiful russet, deep bronze, mahogany, burgundy, red, deep orange, warm chocolate burgundy brown. Try heavily pigmented shades like MAC cosmetics Raizin, Fever, Film Noir and Devil Blush colours.
  • 4


    Run your face moisturiser over your lips to soften them and fill the colour in with a similar lip liner colour to your lipstick.

Bee Leiba